Farm Share Details

In order to reserve your share, please use our online order form. We are now able to process online payments for farm share and turkey deposits through the secure website “Square.”  Order Online
Or, if you would prefer to pay by check, please send one to 6600B Roy Shafer Rd Middletown, MD 21769.

At our farm in Middletown, MD, we offer a Summer Free Choice Summer Produce CSA, an  A La Carte Meat CSA, and a Winter Storage CSA.

In Petworth, DC, we offer a “market style” Whole Farm CSA, which is available on Saturdays at the Petworth Community Farmers Market and a monthly Winter Storage CSA.

Below you’ll find information about the various ways you can participate in one of our Farm Share (aka Community Supported Agriculture or CSA) Programs.  Please check out our Testimonials page to see what our members have had to say.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact us!

On-Farm Summer Vegetable CSA

Date: 20 weeks, from the beginning of June until the end of October
Price: $600 (on farm pick-up)
Time: On farm pick-up Saturdays from 8 AM – 11 AM
Where: Our farm is located at 6600B Roy Shafer Rd in Middletown, MD.
Drive up the driveway and around past the big red barn.

How It Works: In the spring, all members receive a canvas bag which they are to bring each week to CSA pick-up. Our CSA is a “free choice volume share,” which means that you may take whatever you want to fill your bag. Don’t like turnips? You’ll never have to eat them! Really, really like carrots? Go for it! Take home a few pounds! While we will occasionally place limits on certain items (first tomatoes, for example) we aim to give you maximal choice in the contents of your share. At the height of the season, there may also be “out of bag specials” for members who wish to can or freeze additional food.  Our CSA season runs from the beginning of June until the end of October, 22 weeks.  Members are invited to pick up a share any 20 weeks within that time period.

Open Book Farm meat (chicken, turkey, and pork) and eggs are available for separate purchase each week.

How Much Food is in a Share?
Our Summer CSA share is designed to fill all the vegetable needs of two people who love veggies and cook most of their meals, or a family of four that cooks at home several times per week.  Because the share is a free choice volume share, you will never be saddled with vegetables that you don’t like.  If you are unsure that you will have the time to use a full share’s worth, we suggest that you consider sharing a share with a friend.  Members are invited to U-pick certain crops, such as cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, herbs, and green beans (if you have a physical difficulty that prevents you from picking your own, however, we are always happy to pick some for you!)

Rows of Vegetables

On-Farm Pastured Meat Shares

Chicken and Eggs

Our Meat Share programs allow us to offer to our committed customers a discount for purchasing our meat in bulk and for paying up front.  As farmers, we accrue all of our costs while raising our animals, before we have anything ready for sale. Pre-paying for your meat share helps us to gauge how many animals to raise, and it evens out our cash flow over the course of the year.  In return for your commitment to our farm, Meat Share members receive our chicken, pork, eggs, and 100% grass-fed beef at 10% off market prices.

Like our Free-Choice Summer Veggies Share, our A La Carte Meat Share offers maximum freedom and is designed for those who would prefer to choose all the meat cuts they will receive.

Our A La Carte plan allows members maximum flexibility in terms of what they receive and when they join.  A La Carte members pay $500 upon joining at any time of the year.  Upon subscription, your membership becomes activated for 12 months.

That $500 becomes a “tab” with us, which a member draws down every other week at our meat share pick-up.  Members come to the farm, pick out whatever they want from our chicken, pork, beef, and eggs, and we keep track of the total.

As a member of our farm, you are entitled to a 10% discount on our all chicken, pork, beef, and egg prices, so your initial $500 will garner you $555 worth of meat.

In addition to discounted prices, all members receive monthly newsletters with recipes and farm news.  We also host several on-farm events for our CSA members over the course of the year, and we are always happy to provide advice, assistance, or recipes.

Market-Style Whole Farm Share

From the beginning of May through mid-November, we attend the weekly Petworth Community Market where we sell our produce, meat, and eggs.  While customers are of course welcome to shop week-to-week, we offer a market-style CSA option for those who would like to support our farm for the season and receive a discount in return.

Our market CSA costs $500, and members receive a $555 credit for joining.  Credit may be spent on anything we grow (meat, eggs, or produce), and may be redeemed at any point during the season.  Going out of town for a month?  No problem.  Want to stock up because guests are coming through town?  Load up.  Use your credit when you need it, on what you want to eat.

In addition, Market CSA members will receive weekly newsletters with farm news and recipes, invitations to special events on our farm (potlucks, tours, and classes), and occasional special discounts.

Any members who use up their full CSA balance before the close of market season continue to receive a 10% discount on any weekly purchases.

Winter Storage Share


Date: 4 monthly pick-ups on the farm, in Chevy Chase or in Petworth
Time: 1-5 PM (on farm) 4-7 PM (Chevy Chase), 5-7 PM (Petworth)
Price: $400 (on farm pick-up) OR $440 (Chevy Chase and Petworth pick-up)
Where: EITHER on the farm at 10430 Rum Springs Road in Myersville, MD (follow the gravel driveway as it curves around the barn and park in front of the milk house) OR in Chevy Chase at North Chevy Chase Christian Church OR at The Petworth Citizen.

We are moving this winter!  Therefore, our first winter CSA pick up will be at 10430 Rum SPrings Rd in Myersville, but all subsequent pick ups will be at our new farm, 6600 B Roy Shaffer Rd in Middletown.  Our phone number and email remain the same, however, so if you are trying to reach us, call or email first to make sure that we’re around!

How It Works:

All produce, apples, and eggs will be displayed with signs indicating the quantity included in that month’s share. The apples, eggs, and fresh vegetables in the share will be pre-set, i.e. 8 ounces of lettuce, a peck of apples, etc. For the storage vegetables, you will be able to choose however much you’d like of each vegetable (sweet potatoes, onions, etc.), up to a total of 10-12 lbs/share.

Each month we will create a “suggested share” of meat for you to take home. These will for the most part comprise the less expensive, more familiar items like whole chickens, sausage, and ground beef. Members are encouraged to make substitutions if so desired. Please note that choosing our more expensive cuts as substitutes will result in a reduced quantity of meat in your share (with the value held constant). For instance, if you choose to take boneless skinless breasts instead of whole chicken, you would receive 1.5 lbs of boneless breasts instead of a 4 lb chicken. We will strive to make all chicken, pork, and beef cuts available as options, but we may run out of some items as the winter progresses.

We (the farmers) will be available for the duration of distribution to answer questions and restock.  Members should bring bags and a cooler with which to transport their food home.

Prior to distribution, we will send out a reminder email, which will also include farm news, recipes, and the details of that month’s share.  Over the course of the four pick-ups, members will receive a total of 8 dozen eggs, about 30-40 lbs of meat (chicken, pork, and beef), approximately 1 bushel of storage apples, approximately 20 lbs of fresh vegetables (carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, arugula, sweet turnips, radishes, brussels sprouts, kale, collards, and other winter greens) grown in our high tunnels as well as approximately 40 lbs of “storage vegetables” (potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, jersusalem artichokes, garlic, and winter squash).   We do not expect the share to provide all of the fresh vegetables and meat that a family would eat in a month.  It is designed to be a fresh, local supplement to your diet for the months when it is hardest to eat local.

N.B.: We source our apples from several different local orchards.  We will offer a certified organic apple option (which will probably have surface blemishes), but we will also offer local, IPM apples.  Because we lack the storage facilities and the field space to produce all of our own storage veggies, we will be buying in some STORAGE vegetables through the Tuscarora Organic Grower’s Cooperative.  All fresh veg is our own; anything we have not grown will be clearly marked as such.   All products will be labeled at distribution as to their origin.

Winter CSA Add-Ons: We offer several share add-ons of products we personally love from farms which we think are doing a fantastic job.  This year we will offer a milk add-on share from Woodbourne Creamery, a sauerkraut add-on share from Sweet Farm Sauerkraut, and a mushroom add-on share from Good Sense Farm and Apiary.  Woodbourne Creamery raises Guernsey cows on rotationally-grazed pasture, and they low-temperature pasteurize their own milk on-farm.  Members may purchase either one or two gallons per month ($30 or $56, respectively)  Sweet Farm Sauerkraut produces real, raw, naturally fermented sauerkrauts made from only organic vegetables, sea salt, and spices.  We eat a lot of their kraut!  Kraut shares can be either 1 or 2-15 oz jars per month, for $32 or $60, respectively.  Good Sense Farm and Apiary are friends from our Petworth Market, and they grow specialty mushrooms in their urban greenhouse.  Unlike the other shares, the mushroom share is only included in the November and February shares (the mushrooms, like most sensible creatures, are dormant in the dead of winter).  Each mushroom share includes 1 or more pounds each of two varieties of specialty mushrooms.  The share costs $40.

If you have more specific questions about any of our meat share programs, please consult our FAQs page, or contact us directly.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Roasted Chicken

One final note…We recognize that a lump-sum payment of $500 may be a challenge for some families.  If this is the case for you, please contact us to discuss the possibility of an alternative payment schedule