A Musical Recap

Andrew and I first bonded over Christmas carols.  Most people are sick of them by midway through their Black Friday shopping run, but we’re the saps still singing along with the radio on December 24th.  Really, we like most music with melody and lyrics and we love to sing while we work; we sang while building the greenhouse (lots of Dolly Parton, which amused our neighbors to no end), while renovating the milkhouse (Alison Krauss and Johnny Cash), and while cooking many a dinner.

Sadly, for all of this enthusiasm, neither of us can remember lyrics very well.  More often than not, we get stuck on a chorus, or fade out in mid verse.  We’re a far cry from my friend Margaret, who sang the entirity of Joseph and the Amazing Techinicolor Dreamcoat from memory soon after we met (weeding brings out unusual skills). This handicap may explain a large part of Andrew’s and my affinity for Christmas carols–we know the words.  Well, most of them.

Recently, working our way through the Twelve Days of Christmas, we got bogged down in the entertainment section.  How many maids were milking?  Lords a-leaping?  And for all that we wracked our brains, we could not come up with “pipers piping.”  So, in honor of the season, we decided to personalize (or bastardized, depending on your perspective) the Twelve Days of Christmas to roughly represent our past six months.  Some liberties have been taken with livestock quantities and general chronology.

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: twelve members touring,
Eleven pigs a-rooting,
Ten beds for weeding,
Nine turkeys roosting,
Eight pics for posting
Seven inches falling,
Six hens a-laying,
Five golden beets,
Four bills to pay,
Three Patous,
Two mousing cats,
And a stink bug in a lemon tree

Wishing everyone twelve days with all the trimmings (except the bills and stink bug)

2 responses to “A Musical Recap

  1. love it – a new musical classic –
    Paul G.

  2. Love it! Couldn’t help but sing it.

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