About Us and Our Farm

We are a diversified livestock and vegetable farm in the Middletown valley west of Frederick. We practice regenerative agriculture by focusing on soil health, livestock well-being, and direct-to-consumer sales.

We are: Mary Kathryn and Andrew Barnet

Andrew working on a greenhouse at Misty Brook

It all began for us as a love affair with dinner. We met while farming at Serenbe Farms near Atlanta Georgia, where MK was an apprentice and Andrew came to volunteer. The following season we decided to divide and conquer, with Andrew traveling to Virginia’s Polyface Farm to learn about raising pastured livestock and MK journeying to Caretaker Farm in Massachusetts, one of the country’ first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable farms. In 2010 we reunited at Misty Brook Farm, in Barre, Massachusetts, where MK managed a small market garden and Andrew worked with the farm’s pigs, chickens, dairy, and beef cattle.

MK makes a really good sweet potato pie (she practices a lot)

Open Book Farm LLC, founded in 2011 is a synthesis of our farming experience with both animals and vegetables. We strive to provide affordable, clean, delicious food to our community. Visitors are always welcome to come check out the farm for themselves. We are happy to field questions about our growing practices and farming in general; please ask.