Customer Testimonials

At Open Book Farm we strive for transparency and openness with our customers: we happily field questions about our growing practices, and we are always eager to share a good recipe or preparation tip.  Unsurprisingly, we love it when information flows in the opposite direction, from our customers to us.  Customer feedback helps us improve our offerings as well as know when we’ve done something right.  Here is a sampling of what our customers have had to say about the freshness and flavor of our food.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us!

“Your chicken is so much better than the other chicken we get… even my kids can tell the difference!”

“At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we just love everything you grow/raise.  We always eat all the spinach in our share in the first 24 hours!  I am sorry to admit that we have eaten all the collards and lettuce, too.   It’s so sad around here after the first week, when all the OBF stuff is gone.”

“I think I am in love with your eggs.”

“We love the shoulder, the odd bits… love the pork shanks.  Love everything you bring.  By the way, your spinach should be declared a national treasure.  We use everything you bring, happily.”

“We just had chicken today that you delivered  yesterday.  We really like
it as the flavor is close to what we remember from the times our respective
grandmothers killed the chickens and immediately cooked them for Sunday dinner.”

“The rave reviews for the turkey are still coming in.  Everyone really enjoyed it and we were glad to have yet another example of the power of raising animals on pasture.”

“Thanks for these emails, they’re fantastic!  We look forward to our next pick up.  I have to say, this is by far the best CSA we’ve ever been a part of!”

“Everything is delicious that comes from Open Book Farm.”

“Your farm fresh food is just delicious!  Crunchy carrots, refreshing radishes and fresh as can be bok choy.  The bok choy didn’t even make it to the pan–I ate it raw!The eggs were bursting with flavor and the chicken was tender and tasty.”

“Thanks so much for our tour! [My son] said he would try other veggies as long as you grew them!”

“Just a quick thank you for the delicious turkey – definitely one of the best we’ve had.  Our guests said the same………….so, THANKS!”

“Since the picnic, I’ve made chicken 3 times, using each of your recipes that you posted, and they all turned out FABULOUS!  I still can’t believe the cacciatore turned out…the ingredients were so simple!  It was great.”

“We just finished our first taste of your cows; we both think the porterhouse was as good as the best steaks we’ve ever  eaten.”

“This CSA is amazing. We love the winter share with meats and vegetables combined. It’s a great way to support a local farm and supplement our groceries.”

If you have enjoyed a dish or a meal sourced from our farm, please let us know!

One response to “Customer Testimonials

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring web site you have put together.
    I look forward to tasting your eggs, when you bring them to the Women’s Farmers Market in Bethesda, if only I had a car, I’d be out to visit your farm in a flash. Happy Spring to all at Open Book Farm.

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